The Taste of Venice - Adventures in the fine art of living well
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The Taste of Venice 
Grand Gourmet Food Tour
             OUR THIRD SEASON 
      We connect "Foodies" to outstanding locally owned restaurants and specialty shops while strolling through the beautiful downtown Venice, FL.area.  The Italian Renaissance inspired architecture, the rich history and vibrant culture, and of course, the amazing FOOD, all combine to make for a unique and mouthwatering experience.  You will meet the chefs/owners and share their culinary secrets.  You will be steeped in the amazing history of the City.  Your palate will taste some of the finest foods in Southwest Florida while you get off the beaten path and explore the true "downtown" island and its varied neighborhoods.   Each venue will provide two tasting portions of their signature menu selections or a daily special.  All of our restaurant partners are TOPS in the area and represent a broad spectrum of cuisines and gastronomic philosophies.So come join us, be you a Resident or a Welcome Visitor to our shores. There is a great experience awaiting one and all.

New This Season:  Wine Tasting Tours on alternate Thursdays
Dining al' Fresco Fun - Food - Fellowship



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